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    THRP February Meeting

    Date: February 16, 2017, 11:30am
    Cypress Inn Pavilion
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    “Is ‘Banning the Box’ In Your Company’s Future?”  

          Is your company ready to “Ban the Box”, either voluntarily or involuntarily?  Many of Alabama’s businesses have opted to remove questions about an applicant’s criminal history from their applications and are seeing good results, and many of Alabama’s businesses have taken a “wait and see” approach. As the “Ban the Box” movement gains momentum in Alabama cities and on capitol hill, it is important to know what this movement can mean for your company.

          Be sure to join us February 16th as our guest speaker, Martha Shearer, Community Organizer with Greater Birmingham Ministries, gives us an over view of the “Ban the Box” movement around the nation and in Alabama, discussed the pros and cons of companies banning the box, and shares with us where she feels Alabama is heading with its Ban the Box movement.  Martha will share with us her story of employment after incarceration and the challenges that former incarcerated individuals face, as well as the fears and challenges faced by employers.  Through examples, facts and possible outcomes, HR professionals will be able to decide if “Ban the Box” will be an easy option for their companies to embrace or an option that will take more than a movement to implement.