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    THRP January Meeting

    Date: January 21, 2016, 11:30am
    Cypress Inn Pavilion
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    The speaker for our January meeting will be our very own Leslie Dawson in her role as President of THRP.  Come hear about the exciting activities ahead for THRP in 2016 and learn about the attributes of effective leaders.  Here’s an overview of the program.

    Are You Finished or Have You Arrived?  Lessons in Leadership…from a Leader-to-be...

    It is an enormous relief, a weight off your shoulders, a load off your mind when you finally accomplish that one goal that has used all of your energy and strength.  You are relieved, you are content, You Are Finished!  Unless... You are a Leader! Leaders are those individuals who find they are not finished because a goal has been met or a task has been completed, but rather, they have arrived at the next challenge, the next opportunity, or the next adventure.  Leaders aren’t static in deed and title.  It is far too easy to fall in to the snare of thinking, “I’ve got a leadership position. I am a LEADER. I am finished.”  Leaders are always growing, always moving ahead and always improving themselves and their companies. This training will take a look at the attributes an individual must possess in order to continue their growth as a leader and to recognize that leadership isn’t about finishing a task but arriving at the next endeavor.  New challenges bring new opportunities for grow in being a leader.  So, from one leader-to-be to another, I ask you this question...”Are you finished or have you arrived?”

    This training has been approved for 1 SHRM PDC and has been submitted for HRCI credit.